Liberation of Life Ceremony

Dear Dharma friends,

In order to satisfy our greed for food, we have poisoned the environment and mutilated Mother Nature. Though we are far apart from the wide open sky, we are shrouded and entangled by our desires and stupidities.

With a repentant mind, we redeem the lives of the sea creatures. With a sincere mind, we propagate the Buddha’s teaching. With a hopeful mind, we pray for their liberation. When we let the fish and crab swim back into the great ocean, we untie and rid afflictions from our souls and allow all beings to regain their freedom. By doing this, people will be more humble, at ease, just and compassionate.

On the last Sunday of every month starting at 10:20 AM, the Liberation of Life Ceremony will be held at Gold Buddha Monastery. We welcome all to come and join us in this ceremony. For the sake of our planet, our world, our country, our society, and our families, we contribute a bit of our effort.