Praying for Blessings by Hitting the Bell

Praying for Blessings by Hitting the Bell

By Gold Buddha Monastery

Thursday, January 30 (Lunar New Year’s eve) – 8:00 pm ~

We prepare a hitting the Bell and bout hundred of auspicious greeting cards at the exit. After transference, the crowd will again line-up and move out from the Buddha Hall, they will get a chance to pick a auspicious greeting card. When you pick the red colour auspicious card, after the auspicious word be read out loudly in Chinese and Cantonese language through microphone, you then hit the gong. For example, if you picked “Good Health”, then the MC will say out loudly through Microphone “GOOD HEALTH” followed by the sound of Gong you hit, immediately GBM filled with blessing and the atmosphere is great.

舊年過去又迎新 千祥雲集萬眾喜
The old year has passed and we welcome the new year,
Thousands of auspicious clouds gather many delighted crowds.

By the Venerable Master Hua